Landfill Pipeworks

Landfill Pipeworks

If you are looking for landfill pipeworks, we are offer you specialist equipment that allows you create a safe waste site.



Our high density polyethylene pipes can work with you to take away any gases, liquids and waste that can be harmful to the surrounding areas.

Landfill Gas Extraction

Landfill Gas Extraction

Our landfill gas extraction pipes can remove dangerous gases that are produced in landfill sites and dispose of them safely and securely.

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Landfill Pipeworks 

When looking for landfill pipeworks our specialists are able to offer you their support to ensure gases and liquids are extracted from your landfill. It can be very difficult to understand the pipeworks process which is why our engineers are on hand to provide you with their excellent knowledge. As landfills are used to store rubbish, you need to ensure that they are safe from gases, which is why pipelines are often installed in order to secure the area. You will want to ensure your landfill is safe from toxins and damage so we suggest in investing in specialist pipework. 

If you would be interested in finding out more information regarding landfill pipeworks closest to you, don't hesitate to get in touch with us today. Our team are able to provide you with quality results that can help carry material from one location to another. Simply fill in the enquiry form given and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible. 

What is Landfill Site? 

Landfill sites are commonly found to hold and store rubbish that cannot be recycled. The rubbish may be both household and commercial which means there is a range of product that is stored underground. As there is a large amount of waste that is sent to landfill sites every year, it could be difficult for the rubbish to decompose and quite often organic waste turns to liquids and gases. This is when our pipework comes to use to remove these materials. 

HDPE Landfill Pipelines 

Our HDPE landfill pipelines are used to remove the build up of liquid and gases from organic waste. Using high density polyethlene for pipelines is an ideal material as it is strong and reliable, lasting a number of years. Our specialists are able to alter the size and shape of the tubes to fit them to your landfill to move the waste and dispose of the gases correctly. The gas extraction can be dangerous if not handled professionally which is why we are fully trained to fo this for you. 

To find out more information regarding landfill pipeworks in the HPDE material, feel free to contact us today. Our professional team are happy to give you all the information and details you require in order to get the greatest results possible. Fill in the contact form provided and one of our experts will get back in touch as soon as they can. 

Landfill Pipework for Leachate

Many people near me will ask what leachate is and why you need a pipeline for it. To answer this questions simply, leachate is a liquid found in landfill sites, created from a range of toxins. When acids from decaying waste mixes with rubbish, the left overs become toxic and need removing. In order to control the leachete contaminating areas closest to you, we provide you with pipeworks that can help control the waste. 

Our team collects the waste toxins by supplying and installing HDPE pipes under the ground within landfill areas. These tubes then take the acid and store it so the surrounding areas do not also become contaminated. Let us know if you would like to find out any further information and one of our experts will get back in contact shortly with everything you need to know regarding gas extraction and leachate removal. 

Landfill Gas Extraction Near Me

The removal of landfill gases may be a difficult process, especially if you are not trained and qualified with the extraction process. Within landfills, gases are often left underground which contains methane and carbon dioxide. Both these gases can be very dangerous to the surrounding areas as they are extremely flamable and may cause explosions. As you will want to protect your property from potential damage, we always recommend that you are proactive to your gas extraction. 

Some landfill sites may burn of their gases or generate electricty from the area. However we suggest that you install HDPE pipelines under the surface as this will collect the toxins and remove them from the area. We offer our specialist advice so that you can ensure your gas is safe and free from the area. As you can usually smell landfill gas, we plan on extracting it as soon as possible. 

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If you are looking to find out more information regarding landfill pipeworks then don't hesitate to get in touch with us today. Our specialist team are fully trained and qualified to supply, install and maintain HDPE pipelines so can offer you their support to provide the best results possible. Just fill out the enquiry form provided with your contact details and an expert will contact shortly with everything you need know. 


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